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New website is under construction

Postby onqel » Wed Jan 22, 2014 5:15 am

New website is under construction, designed by Pavel Shevtcov and developed by Shea Sterner.
It is scheduled to be launched just in time for the new X50 v2.0

TSE AUDIO wrote:Some information regarding the purchase/registration-process
    - upon purchase the user's personal data is provided.
    - user verifies that he/she has tested the demo version on his machine.
    (this step to ensure minimum system requirements is met.)
    - when the purchase is verified by PayPal a user account is created at
    - an order confirmation is sent to the user's e-mail address along with a license file.
    - the user need to login to get his download links for the full version software.
    temporary download links for installers should be provided in the e-mail.
    - X50 v2.0 is installed on the machine and license file + registered e-mail is given to register the software.

The registration process in the actual software doesn't require a internet connection.

We wanted to keep the software DRM/challenge-response free, so instead we are creating user accounts and the provided license file is watermarked with the customer's personal data (encrypted).

If a license is shared, the user account will be closed and updates/support are no longer provided to him.

Stay tuned !

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